Village of Delburne moving forward with new emergency management platform


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Village of Delburne moving forward with new emergency management platform

Delburne, AB, November 4, 2021 — The Village of Delburne is taking steps to improve efficiency in their emergency management program by joining a new platform designed to better connect with neighbouring communities, agencies, networks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local vendors.

“Every disaster requires a local response,” says Scott Cameron, Co-founder of Emergency Management Logistics Canada. “The platform has been designed to support local communities and build capacity to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency situations.”

When every second counts, having immediate access to updated product and service vendors saves time, money, properties, and potentially, lives. In the past, most emergency management organizations invested valuable resources building and updating their own contact lists. This new centralized logistics platform improves access, facilitates mutual support, and gives local businesses a tangible way to support emergency efforts – locally, provincially, regionally, or nationally.

“During the 2016 wildfires in Northern Alberta, one of our vendors had a 5000 gpm pump that could have made a difference, but the frontlines were unaware of the equipment, the vendor didn’t have the right contact information to make the equipment available, and it sat in the shop during the event because there were no mechanisms designed to help make the connection,” says Cameron.

“EMLCanada has created a national logistics database to make it easy for emergency management organizations to find what they need, when they need it.”

EMLCanada provides emergency management organizations like the Village of Delburne with centralized logistics tools and access to local product and service vendors that can fill a critical need during emergencies from #blanketstohelicopters. EMLCanada is also proud to boost Canadian vendors by profiling businesses in local, regional, and national markets, while creating a community of practice that convenes the emergency management sector all in one place.

Founded by Scott Cameron and Pauline Mousseau in July 2020, EMLCanada is about enhancing emergency preparation, response, and recovery. The open platform allows stakeholders to easily find vendors and services, share information, build relationships, and enhance emergency response while saving critical time and money.

Benefits to EMLCanada include:

·         Accessible online platform available 24/7/365

·         Regularly updated Database

·         Networking and Learning Opportunities with a monthly newsletter and regular training sessions delivered by subject matter experts

·         Robust Search and Source tool to help find specific tools, equipment, and supplies in a rush

·         Respond and Support tool flags your request and enables quick and direct responses from EMOs and Vendors

The Village of Delburne invites local businesses to build and maintain a profile on the platform to make their products and services known before the next disaster. “We may need anything from heavy equipment and sandbags to pizzas and hotel rooms to accommodate evacuees,” says Dan Marsellus, Director of Emergency Management for the Village of Delburne.

Visit to learn more about member plans and pricing and join Canada’s only emergency management logistics platform today. 


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For media inquiries or to book an interview contact:

Scott Cameron, Co-Founder
Emergency Management Logistics Canada
tel.: +1-403-309-4368


About Scott Cameron, Co-Founder: Scott Cameron is the President/CEO of bassa Social Innovations Inc, a company he started after 25+ years working in municipal government and the community sector.

His introduction to emergency management was during the Pine Lake Tornado in 2000 while working as the Executive Director of United Way of Central Alberta. Quickly acknowledging that allocation of local donations could be an issue, he coordinated a local committee to ensure a fair and equitable distribution process. Scott has since been deployed to a number of disaster situations including local floods and toxic spills, and wildfires in northern Alberta.

He is proud of his pivotal role in founding and supporting the Emergency Social Services Network of Alberta (ESSNA).

About Pauline Mousseau, Co-Founder: Pauline Mousseau has over 20 years experience working directly and indirectly in municipal community, recreation, neighbourhood, and social development. In positions held with Red Deer County and The City of Red Deer, she participated in the EOC and with ESS teams, engaged in several municipal exercises and activation in the 2005 Red Deer County flood response.

These experiences reinforced Pauline's awareness and commitment to the power of collaboration during times of crisis. With several entrepreneurial pursuits since 1995, she also has an affinity for using technology to promote community and connection.

She loves engaging with EM professionals and doing the work behind the scenes to make this platform robust and useful. Pauline brings an operational focus to the site and design support to all things marketing and communications.


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