Delburne Utility E-Billing

Signed up for e-billing but didn't receive a emailed bill?
  • Check your spam/junk folder for an email from billing(at)delburne.ca
  • Please add billing(at)delburne.ca to your contacts so that it doesn't go in your spam/junk folder.
  • Contact the Village office to make sure that the email we have on file is the correct one.
    • Email us at the address listed above or call us at 403-749-3606
Want to sign up for e-billing?

The Village of Delburne is providing property owners with the opportunity to have their Delburne monthly utility bills sent by email instead of a paper copy. There is no obligation to sign up for e-billing as paper copies will still be mailed out.

E-billing service is for property owners only. If you rent out your property, it is your responsiblity to make arrangements with your tenant regarding utility bill payments. The Village of Delburne will NOT email or mail utility bills to renters.

For filing purposes, please fill out one form per property if you own multiple properties. Thank you!

Download e-billing form:

Delburne Utility E-Billing Form

Printed & Signed forms can be sent to: 

Email: billing(at)delburne.ca

Delburne Municipal Office: 2111 20th Street

Mailed to: 

Village of Delburne
Box 341
Delburne, AB T0M 0V0

Utility Rebates


Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Rebate Programs.png

Click the links below to learn more about Delburne Utility Rebates.
Compost Bin Rebate Program
Rain Barrel Rebate Program


Delburne Utility Bills


Utility bills which includes water, sewer, garbage and recycling service charges are sent out monthly.

Utility bills are only sent out to property owners.  If you rent out your property, you must coordinate with your renter regarding utility bill payments.

For information about garbage and recycling visit our Garbage & Recycling page.

If you need your water services turned on or off, please contact us at 403-749-3606 or village(at)delburne.ca to make arrangements for this service. 

Water Turn On or Turn Off fees:

Turn On Fee $50.00
Turn Off Fee $50.00
The Water, Sewer & Garbage Bylaw

For information regarding Metered Water Service Charges and Sewer Service Fees please see Bylaw No. 1171-2021, the Fees & Charges Bylaw.


Utility Bill Payments:

Here's how you can pay your utility bill:

  • In person at the Delburne Municipal Office (2111 20th St) during business hours. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or debit. Unfortunately credit cards cannot be taken as the credit card companies charge high user and maintenance fees.
  • Delburne Municipal Office door after-hours dropbox: Put your cheque or cash along with the top portion of your invoice in an envelope and place it in the after-hours dropbox of the front door of the Municipal office (2111 20th St).
  • Online Banking with Servus Credit Union, Scotiabank, and ATB Financial. Unfortunately these are the only three financial institutions that take Delburne Utility bill payments as they do not charge fees to municipalities. 

If you have any questions about utility bill payments, contact our office at 403-749-3606 or email: village(at)delburne.ca


Water Emergencies:

If you have a water emergency, please contact Public Works at 403-749-3607.


Sewer Maintenance:

To keep our sewer system functioning, please do not flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. Learn more about non-flushables and maintaining our sewer system by viewing this info sheet:

Delburne in Detail - Non-Flushable Items


Outdoor Watering Restrictions

From May 1 - September 1, outdoor watering restrictions are in effect in order to conserve water and lessen the strain on our water pump station. 

Properties on the north side of the Main St. (20th St) are asked to water on even numbered days. Properties on the south side of Main St. (20th St) are asked to water on odd numbered days.

If you are laying down sod and need to water daily, please notify the Delburne Municipal Office at least one week in advance by calling 403-749-3606 or emailing village(at)delburne.ca

Locating Utilities - Alberta One-Call

Whether you are landscaping, building a new fence or deck, or simply planting a garden, disturbing the ground on your property can cause damage to a buried utility. Some utilities are buried mere centimetres below the surface.

The result of a contact with a buried line can range from loss of an essential service for you or your neighbours to serious injury or fatalities. The financial costs of repairing any damage you cause to a buried utility will be borne by you, the excavator. Before you disturb the ground for any reason:

Know What's Below

Contact Alberta One-Call to request that the buried utilities on your property be located and marked at least three full working days before you plan to dig. Remember that during the busy Spring or Fall seasons, it may take longer for utility owners to respond, so contact them early. 

Alberta One-Call will send a ticket to the Village of Delburne to locate the water & sewer lines on your property. Please give Public Works three working days to fulfill your request. 

To submit a locate request via phone, contact Alberta One-Call at: 1-800-242-3447

Alberta One-Call is recommending that homeowners fill out an online locate request form as they are experiencing a higher call volume.

Visit their site at the link below:

Alberta One-Call

Electricity & Natural Gas Utilities


If you are new to Delburne or you are interested in your options regarding electricity and natural gas retailers & distributors, check out the informative websites below. 


Utilities Consumer Advocate 

The Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate has a mandate to educate and mediate for Alberta’s small business, farm, and residential electricity, natural gas and water consumers, and advocate for energy consumers.

  • We educate through a wide range of outreach and engagement activities.
  • We advocate by representing the interests of residential, farm, and small business consumers in regulatory proceedings.
  • We mediate disputes between consumers and utility companies and have a team of mediation officers who provide advice and information on energy-related issues like energy choice and charges on a utility bill.

To view the UCA site, click the link below:

Utilities Consumer Advocate



Energyrates.ca is Alberta-based and is Canada's largest unbiased energy review website. Their site lists all retailer electricity and natural gas options for each deregulated Canadian market.

Energyrates.ca can assist you to quickly find out what electricity and natural gas offerings are available in Delburne. The Alberta energy rates comparison form will give you the local rates.

For more information, visit their website at the link below:



ATCO Energy


ATCO Electric is the wire services provider for Delburne. They deliver electricity to nearly 227,000 customers in north and east-central Alberta. They also read your meter, install and maintain the street lights that keep our community safe and so much more.

Website: ATCO Electric

Phone: 1-844-687-2826

Power Outages: 

Visit: ATCO - Power Outages & Emergencies to download their My ATCO Electricity - Track & Report Power Outages App or Phone: 1-800-668-5506


ATCO Gas is the proud provider of natural gas service to over 1.1 million customers in almost 300 communities across Alberta, including Delburne. As your natural gas distributor, they have a number of ways they can help with your natural gas needs.

Website: ATCO Gas

Phone: 1-844-687-2826

ATCO Gas Emergency: 1-800-511-3447