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Delburne Business and Group Information

The Village of Delburne is by definition the citizens of Delburne, each and every one. No individual is more important than any other.  The Village Council and Office are public servants; here to do the best they can to represent the citizens (of which they are part).  The Village Council and Office motto is:
Your Success is Our Success.  To lift your neighbor is to lift yourself.
Therefore we are working with the community to build a new website for Delburne & Area community members.  This website is yours!  It is an opportunity for you to:
  • Collectively promote our community (businesses, groups & activities
  • Share and access pertinent and beneficial information
  • Coordinate and support community events and opportunities
Be part of helping to create success by filling out the attached form below to ensure that all of your business / group / event information is showcased on the new community website.
Delburne Business and Group Information form.