Information for Businesses

 Community Futures East Parkland
Presents the 2017
 Marketing Plan Challenge

YOU ARE INVITED to participate in the Marketing Plan Challenge. This challenge is designed
to give you the tools you require to start a new business or increase the growth of your
existing business. With the help of a couple training experts, Community Futures East
Parkland is offering this opportunity to help you take your business to the next level.
The challenge runs from September 15, 2017 to November 15, 2017.
The Marketing Plan Challenge (MPC) is more than a competition; it is an opportunity to take your business to the
next level by creating an effective marketing plan. Marketing is a key component that adds to your business’ level of
The MPC is designed to help any small to medium sized business, operating or wanting to operate a business within
the Community Futures East Parkland (CFEP) Region, to achieve its marketing goals by providing;
1. One day of FREE marketing training on September 20, 2017 to be held at Lacombe Memorial Centre.
Cherie Klassen, Marketing Manager, BusinessLink will provide training on;
• Identifying your target market and why it’s important
• Setting goals and strategies in your marketing plan
• Implementing practical techniques without breaking the bank
Joshua Neufeld, Website Designer & Developer, Red Anchor Studio will provide training on;
• Website Essentials
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Marketing
2. Marketing Plan Contest with cash prizes for the top three marketing plan winners;
• First prize - $5,000
• Second prize - $2,000
• Third prize - $1,000
*A panel of Independent Judges will select the Winners, who will be contacted on December 15, 2017.*
Community Futures East Parkland
Presents the 2017
"The Challenge that keeps on giving, everyone is a winner”
"Additional cash prizes available with a top prize of $5,000”
How do you participate in this challenge?
1. If eligible, fill out and submit the attached registration form by September 15, 2017.
2. Attend the free marketing plan training day on September 20, 2017. See the attached agenda.
3. Create and submit your marketing plan by November 15, 2017. Winners to be announced on
December 15, 2017.
Eligible to participate
• Must be 18 years of age or older.
• Proposed/existing business must be located in the Community Futures East Parkland Region (see map attached).
• New or existing business owners, students, researchers or anyone with a sustainable business plan or concept.
• Registration and/or marketing plan must be submitted by the deadlines.
• Marketing plan must be created by yourself or with assistance by someone within your business.
Ineligible to participate
• Any plan that is created by a marketing specialist.
• Any plan that exhibits conduct which is unlawful, would reflect poorly on the reputation of the Challenge, harms
or offends any of the CFEP staff or presenters in any way, or for any other reason at the discretion of CFEP.
• Corporate stores.
• CFEP staff members (past or present) or any of the immediate family of the prior mentioned.
If you have questions or concerns regarding the Marketing Plan Challenge please contact Brenda Martin, Economic
Development Officer for Community Futures East Parkland.
office: 403-788-2215
cell: 403-597-6408
"Attendance of marketing training is optional but would be very beneficial to creating a successful marketing plan”
"We look forward to seeing you on September 20, 2017”
Delburne Business and Group Information
The Village of Delburne is by definition the citizens of Delburne, each and every one. No individual is more important than any other.  The Village Council and Office are public servants; here to do the best they can to represent the citizens (of which they are part).  The Village Council and Office motto is:
Your Success is Our Success.  To lift your neighbor is to lift yourself.
Therefore we are working with the community to build a new website for Delburne & Area community members.  This website is yours!  It is an opportunity for you to:
  • Collectively promote our community (businesses, groups & activities)
  • Share and access pertinent and beneficial information
  • Coordinate and support community events and opportunities
Be part of helping to create success by filling out the attached form below to ensure that all of your business / group / event information is showcased on the new community website.