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Delburne FCSS Community Worker

Temporary – Part Time

The FCSS Community Workers’ role is to assist individuals and groups  to  gain  access  to  needed  preventative  social  services;  to  help  identify  local  needs;  and  to  assist  in development of projects and programs to meet these local needs. This position serves as a representative of the FCSS Program in Delburne and contributes to the FCSS Mission to develop locally driven preventative social initiatives  to  enhance  the  well-being  of  individuals,  families,  and  communities.

The FCSS Community Worker:

?   Mobilizes individuals and community groups to assess local social needs and priorities.

?   Facilitates the development of effective responses to identified community needs.

?   Develops and strengthens others to increase their involvement, decision-making and ownership of issues.

?   For intervention based issues, provides referrals and connections to resources.

Job requirements:

?   Ability to coordinate and monitor the activities of a substantial and diverse range of "projects” which also includes a diverse range of people.

?   Knowledge of the community, various government ministries and funder mandates, programs and services.

?   Possess strong communication skills (written and oral).

?   A keen commitment to promoting volunteerism and empowering community members to move forward on what matters most to them.

This is a temporary part time position to cover a leave of absence.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to the attention of Karen Fegan, CAO no later than May 25th, 2018 to:

Village of Delburne

Box 341, Delburne, AB T0M 0V0

Fax: 403-749-2800


For more information contact Carol at 403-749-3654