Delburne Medical Centre



 November 2018 Update
THE DELBURNE MEDICAL CENTRE is now in the final stages of construction. Taking advantage of the warm weather in October, we have been able to finish the exterior stucco, stone and landscaping. There are a few areas with siding still remaining to be placed however the exterior of the building is finally taking shape. The work is now full speed ahead on the interior finishes for both the clinic and pharmacy and we are on track to open in January.
We also have exciting news regarding the physician team at our clinic. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Shalini Reddy and Dr. John Ellis will be joining Dr. Kauchali at the clinic when it opens in 2019. Both Dr. Reddy and Dr. Ellis are specialized in Family Practice and will provide general medical services. Dr Ellis will be working as a Locum as he has other commitments. We are busy recruiting full time doctors. Our doctors will be supported by a nursing and administrative team that will be announced in the near future.
We are also pleased to announce that we will have two notable specialist physicians Dr. Justin Okeke, a specialist in Geriatric Medicine and Dr. Oje Imoukhuede who will provide Specialist Neurologist Services. With this full team of physicians, Delburne Medical Centre will be a true medical home - your primary point of contact for medical needs. To register your interest as a patient, please email or see our website

September 2018 Update 
Concrete, wood and steel are moving quickly on site as walls are up at the Delburne Medical Centre. With the major structural elements now finished, we will soon have the basic building shell complete including the siding, roofing and windows. We are excited to have the exterior work done before the uncertain fall weather comes upon us.
We have had a number of questions regarding the concrete block wall on the east side of the project. It is a fire-resistant wall that will allow for further development on the adjacent lots. The large supports that are currently in place will be removed once the framing has been complete and the wall is securely braced.
The Delburne Medical Centre will have two main areas that access from the Main Street entrance. Last month we reviewed some of the features of the clinic. On the corner of the property, right next to the clinic will be a dedicated pharmacy space. Having a pharmacy on-site will provide a convenient option for residents who are looking to filling prescriptions as well as the opportunity for additional pharmacy services. There will be a dedicated private consultation space where pharmacists can meet with patients to review medications and ensure they are being taken properly. Additional retail space is planned to offer over-the-counter medica-tions, medical supplies, health supplements and more. The goal is that the Delburne Medical Centre will be your one-stop-shop for total health and wellness.
Based on a recent meeting with the Village Council, the opening date for the clinic will be in early 2019. This will allow for sufficient time to complete construction, set up equipment, recruit staff and start-up operations. We are finalizing the details for residents to sign-up as patients of the new clinic starting in October. We will also be looking to hire front desk, administrative and nursing staff. Please see for more details and to be added to our email list.
August 2018 Update
 Construction work on the Delburne Medical Centre is full speed ahead during these long sum-mer days. Work on the foundation has been completed and we are installing the plumbing, me-chanical and electrical systems. Work will then start on the structure that will house the Del-burne Medical Clinic and Pharmacy.
In the Delburne Medical Clinic, there will be eight exam rooms and a procedure room providing space for four physicians to practice in the future. The clinic will be equipped with the latest in medical technology allow-ing for a range of services to be provided. At least two physicians, in addition to Dr. Muti Kauchali, are planning to provide general family medicine when the clinic opens. There will be a patient sign-up event this fall so that interested folks can pre-register. Stay tuned to for more details.