Medical Clinic Updates

* If you haven’t heard yet, the New Health Centre with Dr. Kauchali will be building a BRAND NEW FACILITY at the end of Main Street on the corner across from Mane St. Hair Salon!

 December Update:

Dear Delburne and surrounding Residents. We have made good progress so far on the Health Centre.

Latest Update on Health Centre:

• Land survey done

• Drawings finalized

• Awaiting planning permission

• Bank financing pending

Construction to start in early Spring

And now for some Health Promotion:


FAST is an easy way to identify most common symptoms of STROKE. If you or your loved ones have any of these symp-toms, please call 911 immediately.

This stands for:

F FACE: Facial Droop; Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?

A ARMS: Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drop down with its own weight?

S SPEECH: Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is their speech slurred or garbled?

T TIME: Note the time of any of these signs and call 911 im-mediately mentioning time of first symptom as this can affect treatment decisions.

Red Deer Regional Hospital has initiated the FAST Campaign since February this year under the Neurologists and have had great success. Patients are seen straight away and treatment is initiated as soon as possible.

Please call 911 immediately you observe any of these symptoms.

Thank you.

More updates to follow in the next issue.


October Update:

Dear Delburne/surrounding  Residents, as promised here are new updates on the progress of the Health Centre.

Health Centre:  

· Architectural drawings are being finalized

¨ Loan Application pending

Health Promotion

-  Flu season is fast approaching, we recommend  everyone above the age of 6 months get immunized against influenza.

However, the following high risk groups and their caregivers should be given priority:

* Extremes of age

* those with chronic diseases:  Diabetes/Heart conditions/Asthma/COPD/epilepsy etc

* pregnant women

*  Immunocompromised hosts as in cancer patients especially if on chemo

*  Health care workers and their household contacts

*  Residents of Nursing Homes

Thank you.  We will keep you posted next month.

September Update: 

Dear Delburne/surrounding     Residents,

I am pleased to be offered a column in the newsletter.  Herein we will have information relating to the progress of the Health Centre as well as future health and wellness information. 

As with any projects as big as this, we encountered a slight setback.  However, thanks to the help from the council and the residents, we have managed to get past that, and the project is now going to be moving rather swiftly.  We are waiting for the land survey report to come through and thereafter, get bank approval for a loan whereupon, construction will start.  We anticipate this to happen around October/November.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We will keep you posted in  every newsletter.

Kind regards,

Dr Kauchali