New Residents


Delburne has a long list of association, groups, and committees as you will find in the Welcome Package so you can conveniently call to acquire more information.

Keeping you informed of local activities and events is very important. Information can be obtained from many sources such as:
  • Village Voice, ~ our community newsletter is mailed to you monthly.
  • Delburne & District News, available in local grocery stores and Facebook.
  • The Chatauqua news, free in local stores.
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Delburne is involved in many different activities to promote growth, diversity, and sustainability:

Delburne relies on it’s volunteers, groups, and associations to keep it’s community engaged and active. To that end, Delburne has involved it’s citizens into the BECOMING A COMMUNITY BUILDER, a 90 day, competency based, community and professional leadership development program. The program offers two distinct learning tracks to an UNLIMITED number of community participants.
The first track focuses on adult community members and is designed for those looking to grow both professionally and as community leaders. The second track is specifically designed to engage and develop leadership capacity amongst youth. Please feel free to register you and your family.
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Thank You for choosing Delburne as your new home